International Workshop on Image Media Quality and its Applications (IMQA)

IMQA is a forum for leading researchers and developers from industry and academia to discuss state-of-the-art and novel image media quality technologies, theories, methods, and applications of quality metrics in industry. It has been held four times so far and the next workshop will be held in 2016 at Nagoya Univ. Japan. Follow the link below to see details of the past workshops.

Next Workshop:

IMQA2018: September 27-28, 2018 at Takigawa Memorial Hall, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

Links to Past Conference Homepage

  • IMQA2016: March 10-11, 2016 at Noyori conference hall Nagoya University Nagoya, Japan
  • IMQA2014: September 2-3, 2014 at Keyaki Hall of Chibai University, Tokyo, Japan
  • IMQA2013: September 12-13, 2013 at Takanawa Campus of Tokai University, Tokyo, Japan
  • IMQA2011: October 4-5, 2011 at Campus Plaza Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
  • IMQA2010:  May 13-14, 2010 at Morito Memorial Hall of Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan
  • IMQA2008: September 5-6, 2008 at Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto, Japan
  • IMQA2007: March 9-10, 2007 at Keyaki Reception Hall, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan
  • IMQA2005: September 5-6, 2005 at Noyori Conference Hall, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan