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The technical group of Image Media Quality is a Type 2 term limited technical group, that has been established in June 2004, with the aim of research and information exchange, interaction and development among researchers and engineers in image media quality, thus promoting efficient research and development. Workshops and international conferences are held several times a year, where researchers do brainstorming.

Research areas

Image Media Quality represents the quality issues related to Capturing, Communications, Broadcasting, Storage, Display, Printing and Generation of the images. Topics of interest for the technical group include, but are not limited to:

  1. Image Capture Devices (CCD, CMOS), Image Capture System (TV Camera, Digital Still Camera, Facsimile, Scanner, etc.), 3Dimage Input, Intelligent Sensor,
  2. Transcoder, Scalable coding, QoS control and scheduling, IP video/web conferencing, Wireless video phone, Distance learning over the Internet, Telemedicine,
  3. Digital Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting System, interactive communication, 3DTV, Super-High-Definition TV, Multimedia database (Content recognition, analysis, representation, indexing, and retrieval)
  4. Image Archive, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision、Animation, Virtual reality
  5. Display (CRT, LCD, PDP, EL), Display System (Large Format, High- Definition), 3D-Display
  6. Holograph Hard Copy (Electronic Photography, Ink Jet), Graphic Arts (Halftone Screen, Error Diffusion)
  7. Image Reproduction, Image Restoration
  8. Human Perception, Psychophysics, Color reproduction, Hi-fidelity , Sensibility Information
  9. Video Coding (JPEG, JPEG2000, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264) , Assessment test methodology (DSIS, DSCQS, SSCQE), Objective Quality Metric, Security (Data hiding, Watermarking, Individual Identification)
  10. Human-Machine interface, Welfare.


Position Name Affiliation
Chair Masao Aizu Canon
Vice Chair Yuukou Horita Toyama Univ.
Vice Chair Mitsuho Yamada Tokai Univ.
Secretary Kenji Sugiyama Seikei Univ.
Secretary Toshiya Nakaguchi Chiba Univ.
Assistant Secretary Osamu Sugimoto KDDI R&D Laboratories
Advisor Masayuki Sugawara NHK
Advisor Yoshinori Hatori Tokyo Inst. of Technology
Advisor Seiichiro Hangai Tokyo Univ. of Science
Advisor Yoichi Miyake Chiba Univ.
Member Yasuhiro Inazumi Toyama Univ.
Member Akira Inoue NEC
Member Kenya Uomori Panasonic
Member Sakuichi Ootsuka Kagoshima Univ.
Member Gosuke Oohashi Shizuoka Univ.
Member Jun Okamoto NTT
Member Masanori Kakimoto SGI Japan
Member Shigeaki Kakutani Seiko Epson
Member Takato Kishi Yokogawa Electric
Member Shinichiro Kito Konica Minolta
Member Hiroaki Kudo Nagoya Univ.
Member Tetsuya Kuno Mitsubishi Electric
Member Nobutaka Kuroki Kobe Univ.
Member Shinichiro Saito Sony
Member Tatsunori Saito Toshiba
Member Hiroaki Sugiura Mitsubishi Electric
Member Masaru Takahashi Renesas
Member Takeshi Naemura Univ. of Tokyo
Member Takayuki Hamamoto Tokyo Univ. of Science
Member Yukihiro Bando NTT
Member Toshiaki Fujii Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
Member Tadahiro Fujimoto Iwate Univ
Member Boon Choong Seng NTT Docomo
Member Mitsuru Maeda Canon
Member Seiji Minami Panasonic
Member Yumi Mori IBM Japan
Member Kazunari Morimoto Kyoto Inst. of Technology
Member Yasuhiro Yoshida Sharp